Who We Are


Enjoy this sailing/motoring cruise on some of the cleanest waters in the world where beautiful shades of the sea mingles with the evergreen forest coastline and unique limestone cliffs. Everyday a new cove or a new bay is waiting to be explored. Endless natural beauty and history are waiting to be enjoyed whilst cruising under the Mediterranean sun. 

MedSea Yachts is based in Marmaris, Turkey and Rhodes, Greece. Our guests can enjoy sailing journeys through southwest Turkey (Turkish Riviera) or the Greek Dodecanese islands. The Turkish coast has over 8,000 km of unspoilt bays, coves and beaches to explore and enjoy. These journeys are also known as the Blue Cruise.

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There are 2 owners of MedSea Yachts, Eileen Scatterty and Captain Cengiz Selçuk. 

Captain Cengiz Selçuk

Captain Cengiz was raised in the village of Söğüt, Turkey and has been on the sea all of his life. He has over 20 years experience as a yacht Captain including sailing the Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Prior to the creation of MedSea Yachts, Cengiz was a Captain and owner of MicoYachting.com As a Captain, Cengiz has had many interesting experiences but his longest journey has been a yacht delivery from Marmaris, Turkey to the Maldives.



Eileen Scatterty

Eileen is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Until her career change in 2012, Eileen had been in the technology industry focusing on business management and technology solutions as a Vice President for a North American corporation. Since her sailing career began she has sailed the Ionian, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Eileen has completed more than 100 trips with the focus of ensuring our clients have had an exceptional vacation. Her longest journey has been a yacht delivery from the country of Malta to Fethiye, Turkey.

This partnership brings together both extensive sailing experience and business strategy that provides a strong foundation for our company.