Who We Are


MedSea Yachts is based in Söğüt near Marmaris, Turkey although one of the owners, is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. MedSea Yachts offers yacht charters, a restaurant, dock/jetty service, villa rentals and yacht brokerage services.

There are 2 owners of MedSea Yachts, Eileen Scatterty and Captain Cengiz Selçuk. The owners bring together a unique Turkish and Canadian view to their businesses.

MedSea Yachts and its partners are well respected within the industry and with local suppliers. We support the local economy and fellow small business whenever possible.

  • Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. We continuously strive to ensure our client’s experiences are exceptional and memorable by paying attention to the details.

  • Our yachts, restaurant and villas are continuously maintained, upgraded and they are the best in their class.

  • We employ only professionally trained and licenced crew/staff who are local to the area.

  • All our yachts include an on-board crew of Captain, Chef, and Sailors.

  • Our restaurant and dock staff are Captains and sailors who are ready to assist with mooring/anchoring or any small repairs or help you may need.

MedSea Yachts Charters offer our guests sailing journeys through southwest Turkey (Turkish Riviera) or other Mediterranean destinations. We offer both private or cabin charters on our own gulets.

MedSea Yachts Keçi Bükü Beach & Yacht Club opened in May 2019 and is in our home port of Söğüt.  The restaurant offers spectacular food in a beautiful seaside and garden setting. Our dock/jetty offers our fellow sailing friends a place to dock overnight or for a few days with free electricity, water, Wi-Fi, laundry and shower facilities.

MedSea Yachts Villas are newly built in 2019 and can be your home away from home to stay for a night, a week or longer.

MedSea Yachts Brokerage can help whether you are buying, selling, looking for winterage, repair or need your yacht delivered to a different location. Our Captains have both the experience and license to sail anywhere in the world.

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About the Owners

Captain Cengiz Selçuk

Captain Cengiz was raised in the village of Söğüt, Turkey and has been on the sea all of his life. He has over 20 years experience as a yacht Captain including sailing the Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Prior to the creation of MedSea Yachts, Cengiz was a Captain and owner of MicoYachting.com As a Captain, Cengiz has had many interesting experiences but his longest journey has been a yacht delivery from Marmaris, Turkey to the Maldives.



Eileen Scatterty

Eileen is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Until her career change in 2012, Eileen had been in the technology industry focusing on business management and technology solutions as a Vice President for a North American corporation. Since her sailing career began she has sailed the Ionian, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Eileen has completed more than 100 trips with the focus of ensuring our clients have had an exceptional vacation. Her longest journey has been a yacht delivery from the country of Malta to Fethiye, Turkey.